Energy Paste

High-energy feed, which adds easy digestible energy for small weak born piglets and lams.
Properties Energy-rich three-component energy booster, which supply small and weak born piglets and lambs, mono- and di-glycerides, which have a digestibility of 99%. As such, these newborns keeps their body temperature and become more energetic and vigorous.

Instruction for use:

Administer 2 grams dose as soon as possible after birth, for small and weak piglets. Second 2 grams dose, can be given 8-10 hours after the first dose.
Place the dose on the back of the tongue.
Lambs: Administer 4 grams dose short time after birth, for small lambs. A second 4 grams dose can be administered on the following day.
Make sure the dosing pistol is correct set for 2 grams doses!
Packing: 50 grams pr. tube. 12 tubes pr. box.